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$107,000 Air BnB Equity Loan Santa Teresa Costa Rica

$107,000 Air BnB Equity Loan Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Another Great Loan to Kick off the New Year!

Earn 12% Interest Per Year!
Invest $107,000.00 (Fees Included),TODAY,
and you will earn $1070.00 per month.

This a 3-year term loan.

That’s $12,840.00 per year!

That’s $38,520.00 for the term of the loan!


Property Loan Details

Newly built and completed, gorgeous Vacation beach Air BnB in the heart of one of the top tourist beaches in Santa Teresa, Nicoya Peninsula.

This property consists of a 2 bedroom Villa and 2 studio apartments (each with a full kitchen). It is located in the downtown core of Santa Teresa and it is 3 minutes walking distance to the best beach in Santa Teresa! 

Amount Requested: $107,000.00 US dollars

Loan-to-Value Ratio: ~approximately 42%
Term Desired: 3 years
Fire Sale Price$250,000.00
Construction Area: 135 m2
Land Area: 360 m2

Property Location and Description:

The borrower is requesting $107,000.00 for 3 yrs at 12 % to pay off an existing $50,000.00 high interest loan. A swimming pool will be added as well as some small kitchen renovations.

This will allow them to charge a higher nightly rate. We vetted their reservations and they are earning approximately $5,000.00/month in low season and $7,000/month in the high season. They will be able to set higher rental prices once the pool is installed.

This is a great loan opportunity!






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