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$33,000 Equity Loan San Antonio Escazu

$33,000 Equity Loan San Antonio Escazu

Earn 12% Interest Per Year!
Invest $33,000.00 (Fees Included),TODAY,
and you will earn $330.00 per month.

This a 3-year term loan.

That’s $3,960.00 per year!

That’s $11,880.00 for the term of the loan!


Property Loan Details

GAP’S most secure loan ever! Located in the prestigious area in San Antonio, Escazu. 

This 522m2 home has 4 bedrooms with 8 bathrooms and 2 Kitchens sitting on a large lot of 2,142 m2!

The appraised value is $620,000.00 and it is listed for sale at  $750,000.00. Our firesale price is approximate.

Amount Requested: $33,000.00 US dollars

Loan-to-Value Ratio: ~7%
Term Desired: 3 years
Fire Sale Price$750,000.00
Construction Area: 522 m2
Land Area: 2,142 m2

Property Location and Description:

Located in the heart of Escazu, this property is a gem with tons of parking, Large rooms, spacious gardens including room for a pool if desired.

An open concept with tons of natural lighting. An apartment is located in the home as a guest room or an Air B&B. The money is being used to upgrade the kitchen in order to obtain the sale price listed which will increase the value of the property, making the loan even better, if that is possible!





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