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$330,000 Equity Loan For Barrio Escalante Commercial Property

$330,000 Equity Loan for Barrio Escalante Commercial Property

An Absolutely Incredible Loan

(The Type Of Loan We Wish Would Come In All Day Long!)

Earn 13% Interest Per Year!
Invest $330,000.00 (+ Fees) TODAY,
and you will earn $3,791.00 per month.

That is $45,500.00 per year.

This is a 72-month term loan.

That’s $136,500.00 for the term of the loan!


Property Loan Details

Amount Requested: $330,000.00 USD (+Fees) (approximately $350,000.00 USD)
Interest: 13% Per Year.

LTV Ratio: ~45%
Term Desired: 3 years
Construction area: ~750 m2
Land Area: ~265.67 m2

Fire Sale Price (GAP’s): $700,000.00 USD (price if sold tomorrow) – $750,000.00 USD (price within a month)

Property Description and Location:

This is a 3 story 6 unit, formally residential condos, that is now being used as commercial property and is fully rented with good tenants. This property is family owned with the owner living directly beside the property. (The pictures tell the whole story!)

Located in Parque Francia, Barrio Escalante (The best possible location in San Jose!)

Anyone that knows San Jose, recognizes that Parque Francia is a beautiful high end park with many activities occurring daily…such as live musicians playing, karate classes occurring and generally a great park to just go and relax. The park even has free WIFI, the only one we know of in Costa Rica.

It is surrounded by great restaurants and bistros. It is a very safe and secure location. The reason for all this is that Johnny Araya (Mayor of San Jose ) took a liking to this particular park and area and wanted to make it a shining example.

Prior to that, the park was completely remodeled in 2006 with the help of the French Government and the municipality of San José

Here is link to photos of the park (google):

This is one of our best loans to date! So act now and let us know that this loan is right for you.

Google Map


This is a great loan opportunity!






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