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At Gap Investments, our mission is to bring people together to complete a fair and balanced transaction between those who need financing, and those who want to invest.

We help provide capital as a broker, to those who are seeking funds for a specific opportunity. Gap Investments brings years of experience in investing in Costa Rica, with legal, marketing and development expertise working to maximize your investment returns.

Since 2008, we are proud to say that we’ve helped many people achieve their investment goals in Costa Rica.

Our Team

Glenn Tellier

President and Founder

Glenn Tellier has been brokering mortgages in Canada since 1997, becoming a licensed broker after having completed the mortgage brokerage course at the University of British Columbia. He was instrumental in securing hundreds of millions of dollars in bridge financing for large-scale real estate projects.

Upon relocating to Costa Rica, he envisioned the unlimited growth potential offered in the country, and the need to enhance the country’s well-being by securing bridge financing where banks drop the ball.

Steven Stewart

Investment and Loan Advisor

Steven Stewart began his career as a licensed financial advisor in Ontario, Canada from 1984 to 2004. Working in a boutique firm, Steven received over 50 awards by many of the largest investment firms in Canada. He was also a commodity trading advisor for select clientele, and brought one of the most successful commodity trading investment funds to Canada in 2002.

Upon selling his business and relocating to Costa Rica, Steven sold over 45 properties and oversaw several large real estate developments from 2005 to 2014. Since 2014, he has enjoyed working with Grupo Gap as an investment and loan advisor.

Jeffrey Alami

Loan Analyst

Jeffrey Alami is most comfortable in the presence of numbers and figures. Conscientious and self-motivated, Jeff’s ongoing mission is to help grow companies and realize their success.

Having lived in Costa Rica since 2002, and working as a business consultant since, he is highly experienced in the intricacies of doing business in Costa Rica, including local and international tax matters, government regulations, and evaluating the real market value of properties.

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