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Don’t lose your Home to Foreclosure

A home foreclosure will hurt your credit, so if the banks or lenders are about to foreclose on your home then you need to call us NOW because we can help.

Your home is most likely the largest asset you will ever own. So why let the banks or lenders take your home when we have clients looking for homes in the Central Valley Area and are willing to pay you cash for your home TODAY.

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How to Start Investing with Home Equity Loans

investing in home equity loansInvesting in home equity loans is critical for anyone who wants to enjoy more financial prosperity as well as securing their financial future. Nowadays, there are many different types of investment plans that you can consider. However, before putting your hard-earned money into any investment venture, you should do your research. Find out whether investing in home equity loans is a wise decision for you.

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¿Por qué los Préstamos rápidos de efectivo son ventajosos?

Un dueño de una casa en o alrededor de Heredia, Escazú o Santa Ana, Costa Rica puede utilizar su propiedad como garantía para obtener mini préstamos de efectivo rápido desde $3.000 a $5.000. En Gap Investors, podemos ofrecerle un préstamo sin el estrés de llenar formularios largos o tener que pasar por un exhaustivo control. Debido a que la propiedad en sí es la garantía, usted no tiene que preocuparse de su propio estado financiero personal para obtener los préstamos de efectivo rápido que usted necesita.

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Is Gap Investments A Ponzi Scheme

Is Gap Investments really just another Costa Rica Ponzi Scheme?

First of all, what is a Costa Rica Ponzi Scheme?

The Ponzi scheme is arguably the most effective and popular way that criminals pull money from hard working people. It is named after Charles Ponzi, a con man who in the 1920s created several pyramid schemes that managed to pull over $20 million from his victims. Bernie Madoff managed to get $65 billion from his investors after 30 years.

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