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$600,000 USD Investment in Limon

Investment Opportunity in Limon: Resort

Investment in Limon

Invest: $600,000 USD
Earn 15% interest per year!


That’s $7,500 USD per month
or $90,000 USD per year!


Over a 3-year term
is $270,000 USD in Profits!






Loan Details:

Amount Requested:          $600,000 USD
Property Valuation:           $1,700,000 USD (Purchased Price)
Loan-to-Value Ratio:         35% (Approximately)

Term Length:                      36 Months
Interest Rate:                     15%

Land Area:                          7.6 Hectares
Construction Area:           3000m2+
Location:                             A few minute’s drive from the Limon Airport


General Information:

  • 2 Pools
  • 14 Room Hotel
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Convention Center


Limon, a city on Costa Rica’s east coast, is perfect for exploring the country’s magnificent beaches and jungles. But in addition to the region’s natural attractions, the city also attracts partygoers with its festive atmosphere, which peaks during the annual carnival in October.

This Caribbean region is a natural wonderland with lush rainforests, mighty mountains, and idyllic beaches. In Costa Rica, Limon boasts the biggest proportion of protected territory and a diverse range of plants and animals.


Loan Purpose:

The borrower is looking to buy the property with the $600,000 USD borrowed combined with the 1.1 Million USD he’s putting down. 



Money lending is a fast-moving business; we need lenders to understand that and make quick decisions. Keep in mind that borrowers may have already applied to other lending companies. Because of this, we try to close loans as fast as possible.

You could grow your investment portfolio with safe, consistent monthly returns by investing in loans provided by Gap Investments.


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