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Gap Investments

At Gap Investments, our mission is to bring people together to complete a fair and balanced transaction between those who need financing and those who want to invest.

Gap Investments has years of experience working with private lenders who specialize in investing in Costa Rica; with legal, marketing, and development expertise working to maximize their investment returns.

Since 2008, we are proud to say that we’ve helped many people achieve their goals with strategic financing options.

Pursuing a traditional bank loan can be highly time-consuming, and expensive, with double-digit interest rates, and require an enormous amount of paperwork. Private lenders will normally provide loans from 6 months to 3-year terms, filling the “gap” quickly and efficiently for qualified borrowers looking for short-term solutions.

Gap Investments has well-trained professional consultants and analysts acting in the best interest of borrowers and the investors we represent. The industry has changed significantly over the last decade, and Gap Investments has emerged as a conduit for you to access qualified investment opportunities.

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Glenn Tellier is a highly regarded finance industry professional with a track record of over 25 years of experience in lending, investments, and financial planning. As the founder of Grupo Gap, Glenn has earned a reputation for providing expert advice and guidance to numerous clients, helping them make sound financial decisions and achieve their goals.

Glenn studied at the prestigious University of British Columbia, where he earned his mortgage broker’s license in the mid-90s. His dedication to excellence in his field is further demonstrated through his extensive training and experience, making him a trusted and highly sought-after professional.

In the mid to late 90s, Glenn established himself as a leading mortgage consultant in Canada, assisting large-scale real estate projects in securing bridging loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Upon relocating to Costa Rica, he recognized the potential for unlimited growth and the need to provide expert advice on bridge financing, where banks often fall short.

Glenn is committed to providing his clients with the highest quality of service and is passionate about enhancing the country’s well-being by offering expert financial advice. His vast experience, industry knowledge, and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset to anyone seeking sound financial guidance in Costa Rica.

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