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Costa Rica Rohrmoser Land Development Boom

Rohrmoser, Costa Rica, is a big neighborhood in the metropolitan area of San Jose with fast-growing land development.

It is quickly becoming a favorite living area for expats from The United States, Canada, and other countries. Nicknamed “The most Privileged Zone of San Jose” because it has many quality Stores, Restaurants, Banks, Pharmacies, and Super Markets.

This neighborhood quickly becomes the most practical option for business executives and working couples. Statistical data shows the average budget for renters is between $1,500 – $5,000 per month.

To live in Rohrmoser is an incredible experience, according to many. As an inhabitant of the area, you can enjoy lush green parks located close to your condominium or home. There are more than 100 business establishments in Rohrmoser within 12 minutes of walking.

Rohrmoser is a booming zone for land development. The demand for condominiums with modern design, high quality, and privacy is high in the area.

Gap Investments has provided funding for a few land developers, and with the continued growth in the area, we expect to do more business in the coming new year.

Here are some Secured Equity Loans that we have offered to private lenders:

$80,000.00 Equity Loan requested by Land Developer

$72,000.00 Equity Loan requested by Land Developer

About Us

Gap Investments is a Costa Rican company founded in 2008, specializing in brokering secured equity loans to provide funds for a borrower in Costa Rica. (Registration No. 3-102-753653)

Homeowners use home equity loans to unlock some of their real estate cash reserves that have built up over the years to increase their cash flow needs, for things such as home improvements, consolidating debts, paying for major purchases such as vehicles, and much more.

The same concept is applied to commercial lending for companies in need of cash to finance operations or for commercial property owners to provide necessary maintenance or improvements to their commercial rental properties to maximize rental income.

Equity loans are used by developers with existing equity to “bridge the gap” to the point where conventional bank loans are within reach. Borrowers who own real estate with high development potential can use bridge financing to get their projects off the ground quickly and reach the point where an established bank will finance their projects at conventional interest rates.

Gap Investments brings years of experience investing in Costa Rica, with legal, marketing, and development expertise working to maximize your investment returns.

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