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How to Diversify Your Portfolio in Costa Rica

Grupo Gap is constantly provides consulting services to improve your earnings and protect your investment. We understand how to diversify your portfolio in Costa Rica by offering private investors we work with low-risk “Triple-A” mortgage loans with interest rates starting from 12% to 18%.


What are Low-Risk Mortgage Loans (“Triple-A” Loans)?

A Triple-A loan is one with a Loan-to-Value of 50% or less (ideally 30%) and good-paying borrowers. The collateral property must be located in one of our favored metropolitan locations, such as Escazu or Santa Ana, or one of our favorite beach destinations, such as Jacó, Tamarindo, or Santa Teresa.

We are currently up against competition from newly-arrived wealthy foreigners who have opted to become lenders. Of course, every new borrower will try to claim that their house is worth X, that this is a 30% loan-to-value, and that he is entitled to 12% interest. Of course, we’ll tell them the truth about their property’s worth. We suggest a 12% rate to attract investors at this stage.

If a $100,000 USD loan is received on a million-dollar home, we propose a 12% interest rate to be competitive, subject to due diligence. Many of the private lenders we work with have told us that they are losing money every month because their hard-earned cash is idle. We’re not advising that you commit a percentage of your portfolio to these low-risk mortgage loans over the next 3 years, but rather that you allocate a portion of your portfolio to them. Because the Loan-to-Value ratio on the collateral is so low, what you may lose in points on a 12% loan is made up for with a better sense of security, as many of you have already experienced.


The Benefit of Low Loan-to-Value

Loans with low Loan-to-Value ratios are also less prone to have problems. The ability to provide loans at a 12% interest rate will attract customers to the business. We have options available to them when they complete our online application. As previously stated, most people will not be eligible for that rate. However, we will communicate with them at that moment and proceed with the loan procedure at the standard 12% rate. All interested parties must estimate how much of their portfolio they would put aside for these loans. We must publicize low-risk mortgage loans. Most applications will not be approved, but this will result in more loan requests!

More loan requests will be received after we have the profiles of eager people to join. “How much of my portfolio should I designate for this sort of loan?” will be the following inquiry.

The basic answer is as much as you’re comfortable with! Balance is usually a complex calculation; however, the following are the most influential factors:

  • How much monthly revenue do you require from your investment?
  • Do you require the interest payments to cover your living expenses, or does it accrue until the next available loan?
  • Is there a time factor to consider? For whatever reason, make as much money as you can for the next X period.


-Co-written by Lawsen Parker (Operations Manager) and Glenn Tellier (Founder of Grupo Gap)


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