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How to Evaluate a Mortgage in Costa Rica

How It Works

As you can see from our Available Loans page, Gap Investments does remarkable work in assessing and presenting equity loan opportunities to private investors. We pride ourselves on providing a clear picture of how to evaluate a mortgage in Costa Rica and why it is a great investment opportunity.

Only a handful of the many loan requests we get every day deserve this consideration. This is due to our expectations for what we want to show our investors. Of course, as an investor, you always have the option of investing in a loan or not.

During the property’s site visit, our team will take photographs you see in the Investor Alerts. Furthermore, we require site visits to analyze the property and the prospective borrower in person.


The Due Diligence Check

We do a due diligence investigation on the collateral property before scheduling a site visit. The following are the measures to take:

Checking the land survey (Plano cadastro).

We check the property in the National Registry, determine its location, and assess its potential as a loan possibility using the Plano.

Checking the title.

We then check over the title document in the National Registry to ensure no surprises. For example, restrictions, liens, and litigation would make the loan unviable.

Getting initial land and construction values.

Based on a set of criteria provided by the borrower, we employ a combination of government-supplied and commercial data sources to determine an appropriate market value for the property and structure.

Initial checks on the borrower.

We do some basic checks on the borrower based on publicly available data. We check the borrower’s status with the tax department (Tributación), Social Security and Health Care Program (Caja), the municipality, and others. If a corporation is involved, we verify that it is up-to-date with the yearly corporate tax and required declarations. We also ensured the company was not dissolved or merged with another entity.

The Site Visit

We schedule a site inspection with the prospective borrower after we finish this initial assessment and analyze the property’s market feasibility. If our team likes what we see during the site visit, we inform our investors by email with Investor Alerts, and we post the loan opportunity on our website and social media accounts.


-Co-written by Lawsen Parker (Operations Manager) and Glenn Tellier (Founder of Grupo Gap)




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