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How to use your Retirement Savings to Fund Loans in Costa Rica

Did you know you can self-direct your retirement funds for loans in Costa Rica?

Many lenders have asked me if they can use their retirement savings to fund loans in Costa Rica. The information below will give you an idea how it can be done.

How to use your Retirement Savings to Fund Loans in Costa Rica

An IRA Services Trust self-directed retirement account lets you choose how to invest your money. These accounts are so flexible, investors can place money into any asset permitted by the IRS, including traditional and alternative investments.

Historically, banks, brokerage firms, mutual funds and insurance companies controlled investment accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s. They only offered traditional investment options like publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money markets, government securities and certificate of deposits. Self-directed accounts allow investors to expand their investment options to include alternative assets; such as, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, real estate, deeds of trust, real estate investment trusts (REITs), IRA LLCs, precious metals, promissory notes, closely-held private stocks, tax liens, hedge funds, life settlements and more. Alternatives are a great way to diversify a retirement portfolio and potentially increase investment returns.

With our self-directed account, you decide how your money is invested: alternative assets, traditional assets or a combination of the two. To learn more, please review our Investors FAQ. If you are a new investor, click here to find answers to FAQs that are specific to new investors.

Here’s the two services recommended by my client.
The first one is for what they call “Checkbook control” The second is the custodian. 

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