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$160,000 Investment in Pavas

Private Lenders Investor Alert


“Investment in a property in Pavas”

Earn 14% interest per year

Invest $160,000.00

Earn $1,866.67 per month

That is $22,400.00 per year

It is a 36 – month term loan

That is $67,200.12 in profits



Amount Requested: $160,000 USD

Term Desired:years
Loan-to-Value Ratio: about 40-45%
Land Area: about 590 m2
Construction Area: about 340 m2
Property Location: Pavas, Rohrmoser, San José

Rohrmoser is famous for its beautiful residential areas, some of the most exclusive houses in Costa Rica, and for having  many open spaces that provide total tranquility to its inhabitants,

With time, Rohrmoser has become the place of interest for housing projects, residential, condominiums, offices, shopping centers, and general commerce. Rohrmoser has an excellent road and transportation system, making life easier for its residents.

One of the most attractive factors of Rohrmoser is the close access to education; since it has different educational options, from bilingual schools and colleges to universities, it makes an attractive choice for families with children. Rohrmoser also has one of the safest places, with a wide variety of gastronomy options, from Italian to Mexican food, sports bars to share with family and friends, discos, and much more.

Property Description: This immaculate residential house was remodeled recently, is 1 block north of the Humboldt school in a perfect location. The house consists of 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a spacious living room and kitchen, high ceilings, a dining room, a tv room, an office, a maid’s room, a library, and a 4 cars garage. It is very nicely designed and in good condition, all concrete. The front of the property has 140 m2 of the garden, and the backyard has 110 m2 with a lovely terrace.

Note: This loan is to replace a loan expiring this month, and the current lender would like the cash-back for a project.

Also, both husband and wife are gainfully employed, with good incomes, which is as essential as the property in these difficult times of the COVID19 Pandemic.




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