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How to Make Money in Costa Rica

When it comes to how to make money in Costa Rica, it’s not just how much you make that matters. It’s also how much you can keep. The cost of living expenses eats up a large portion of our income in the United States, Canada, and Europe, preventing many people from reaching the lifestyle they truly desire.
It’s easy to see why more people are thinking about coming to Costa Rica, a country that offers a variety of benefits in addition to its beautiful location as a place to live, work and retire.

Why Costa Rica is Becoming So Popular

Although many countries in Central America we hear about in the news have severe poverty, crime, and lack of opportunity, Costa Rica has taken a far different path. Costa Rica has no army and has lived in peace and harmony for decades. The fantastic scenery, which includes everything from gorgeous beaches to breathtaking mountain views, has boosted the tourism sector that many Costa Ricans lead healthy lives.
The number of foreigners who now call Costa Rica home is roughly 500,000 and growing daily. Because of the low cost of living combined with its modern conveniences, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to retire and work as well.

How to Generate an Income in Costa Rica

Working as a foreigner in Costa Rica is challenging unless you want to freelance. Before hiring expats, the country places a high value on hiring locals. However, this country can be excellent for you if you can work remotely and be paid from another country. People in Costa Rica can make a decent income in various ways. The typical monthly payment is low, around 283,000-565,900 CRC (500-1,000 USD), but the cost of living is also low. Expats looking for a job in Costa Rica should look into private lending, tourism, hospitality, and technology.
Home-based businesses over the internet

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, and in Costa Rica, you can keep more of the money you earn while using your laptop as your office. You can search for opportunities on various internet sites, like LinkedIn or Fiverr. Freelance writer, web or graphic designer, online trading. Just remember that the money you make online should come from somewhere other than Costa Rica.


Due to the population’s great interest in learning English, teachers are in high demand. Many foreigners teach English as a foreign language in both public and private schools. Suppose you have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate. In that case, this can be an excellent way to make a living in the country, as the average hourly income for English teachers is higher than average Costa Rican wages.


There are numerous investment opportunities in Costa Rica, arguably the best way to earn money in this remarkable country. Private lenders can lend as little as $50,000 and up! You can make safe, consistent monthly returns by lending against a borrower’s home equity and securing it with a mortgage lien on the title. Private home equity investing has become increasingly popular. This is because many homeowners want a home equity loan for various reasons. That includes business expansion, the purchase of a new automobile or home, education, or medical problems. Getting a mortgage from a Costa Rican bank can be complicated and perplexing. If you’re looking for a means to improve your financial situation, consulting firms like Grupo Gap are an excellent alternative for investment. Investing in home equity loans can provide you with a consistent financial return. Furthermore, when a borrower uses their house as security for the loan, your investment is protected. To get more detailed information click HERE. You can even make money with the referral program HERE.

Work Permit

According to the law, foreigners must be sponsored by an employer and demonstrate that they are filling a position that cannot be filled locally. As a result, finding legal work for a foreigner can be challenging. Although a work permit can be applied for, it can be challenging to obtain. It’s better to avoid accepting a job offer from a reluctant company that cannot secure a work permit for you. In that case, you risk being deported if you work without one. If you find a job in Costa Rica, your employer will need to apply for your work permit. Use a good company, like Costa Rica Immigration Experts (CRIE), to help you out.


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of Grupo Gap)




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