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Rohrmoser Development in Costa Rica

The metropolitan region of San Jose, Costa Rica, has a sizable neighborhood called Rohrmoser, where property development is expanding quickly.

It is quickly becoming a favorite living area for expats from The United States, Canada, and other countries. This very residential-oriented area is called “The most Privileged Zone of San Jose” because it has many quality stores, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, and 2 main boulevards.

This neighborhood quickly becomes the most practical option for business executives and working couples. Statistical data shows the average budget for renters is between $1,500 – $5,000 USD per month.

Many people say that living in Rohrmoser is a fantastic experience. As a local, you may enjoy the lush green parks adjacent to your apartment or house. Within 12 minutes of walking, there are more than 100 commercial enterprises in Rohrmoser.

If you’re looking for a decent school for your kids, you’ll see that Rohmoser provides the British school and the Humbold Schule (German School) as the top choices, well-known for their high-quality education. The US embassy is situated here as well.

Land development is booming in Rohrmoser. The area has a high demand for condominiums with modern design, high quality, and privacy. Rohrmoser is also a safe and secure neighborhood with a low crime rate.

Gap Investments has funded a few land developers, and given the region’s continuous expansion, we anticipate doing more business there.


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