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Why become a Private Lender?

Why should you become a Private Lender?

Many people come to Costa Rica with grand ambitions to open a new beach bar or start a residential project. We always caution people about this. These things can get you into financial difficulty very quickly.

How do we know? Because we are the people you call after, needing a loan!

We often advise people to come down, get settled, and feel a different culture and work environment before making any significant decisions that significantly affect their financial status. We always hear the same stories; “I developed in the USA for over 20 years!” That is wonderful, but Costa Rica is not the United States of America. Things work differently here than there.

Labor laws are different, construction is different, permitting processes, etc. Wouldn’t it be better for a few years just to put your money in a safe investment and earn 12 – 18% per year?

Once the loan is due, you will have your capital back, along with knowledge and experience behind you. If you choose to move ahead with whatever project you had in mind, you may be a few years older but decades ahead in understanding how this country works! We cannot strongly urge you enough to get all your ducks lined up before investing all your assets into one project.

Working with Gap, you can diversify by lending your money out on many different properties in different locations in Costa Rica. Each loan you do is akin to creating a new business if you think about it. 

For example:

Loan A is for $75,000 USD in Santa Ana and generates $750 USD a month. That’s probably better than most companies clear for that amount of investment. Another might be in Escazu for $100,000 USD, but that loan is 14%. That gives you an income of $1,400 USD a month. No employees, no Caja, no hassle! 

That example also allows you to explore Costa Rica and see where projects are making headway or the best beach to open your restaurant if you choose to.

Don’t be one of those people that say, “How do I leave Costa Rica with $1 million? Bring down $2 million.

Gap Investments consultants have a lot of experience living in Costa Rica. We have seen and done pretty much everything you can imagine at one point and time in Costa Rica.

In closing, take your time and let your money work for you to make informed decisions about your new project!


-Co-written by Lawsen Parker (Operations Manager) and Glenn Tellier (Founder of Grupo Gap)


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