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Equity Loan Opportunity Ciudad Colon $240,000

Equity Loan Opportunity Ciudad Colon $240,000

Earn 14% Interest Per Year!

Invest $240,000 TODAY,

and you will earn $2,800.00 per month.

Another Great Loan Opportunity!

This is a 36-month term loan.

That is $33,600 per year.

That’s $100,800 for the term of the loan!


Property Loan Details

Amount Requested: US $240,000
Interest: asking 14% Per Year
Term Desired: 3 years
Construction Area: ~ 600 m2
Land Area: ~ 2100 m2
LTV Ratio: ~ 45% (just under)

Property Description and Location:

This is another great loan opportunity for your investment portfolio of 2019!

The equity for this loan is two homes situated in the heart of Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica. Ciudad Colon is located (10km from Santa Ana, Costa Rica) and the property is located two blocks from the central park and main farmers market . 

The first home has 6 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and a large and luxurious swimming pool.  The second home is 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms. Both homes have access to gorgeous views.

These homes will be converted into AirBnb Vacation Rentals and the borrower has plans to develop the remaining property.  Please see the detailed notes below.

Detailed Notes:

The property owner is preparing 28 lots for (commercial, retail and apartment) properties that will surround the two homes that are being used as collateral.  All of the lots and the two homes are located on ONE entire city block (please review FULL PLANO PHOTO of the lots in the photo gallery). 

The borrower would like the funds from this loan to continue preparing the lots for sale. And, this loan will be paid-off by the sales of the lots.

This is a great loan opportunity!







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