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Come join our Inner Circle! The Inner Circle is a group of preferred lenders that are willing to act quickly on the opportunities presented by Gap Investments. We must act quickly in order to secure the best loans. The reason we need to expedite the loan process is simple: These loans are being shopped around and opportunities will be missed!  The money must be in the country for ease of accessibility. Gap Investment will perform all the due diligence needed to secure the deal. This includes registry checks and site inspection. With a combined experience of over 75 years working in Real Estate in Costa Rica, we can give an accurate valuation. We strongly recommend using our preferred list of independent lawyers. Our qualified lawyers specialize in approving borrowers and the collateral. Our recommended lawyers allow us to act swiftly. They have a proven track record to close quickly and efficiently.  Keep in mind that Gap Investments has never had a foreclosure to date. The Inner Circle will be given priority consideration.

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