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Investors, Get Great Returns on Your Terms!

Make safe, consistent returns on your investment each and every month, by making a home equity loan in Costa Rica, secured by a 1st-degree mortgage.

Gap Investors brokers’ equity loans to homeowners so that they can renovate their home, buy a new car, consolidate their debts or expand their business.

Loan amounts can be as little as $25,000 all the way up to $1,000,000 and above.

Gap Investments brokers a wide range of equity loans between a borrower and a lender. We broker small home equity loans, as low as $25,000, typically with a single lender. The money can be used for home improvement, vehicle purchases, education, or financing the borrower’s small business, typically secured by a 1st-degree mortgage lien. We also broker financing for large development projects. For larger loans, the collateralized property is usually held in a trust for the duration of the loan.

Gap Investments is NOT an Investment Fund

You will not be investing in a fund where other people decide where the money goes — you are lending to a specific borrower in Costa Rica. All mortgage contracts are between the borrower and the lender. The strength of Gap Investors is in identifying high-value loans, evaluating the risk, presenting them to investors, and brokering the loan.

Given the current wait times for banks to approve or not approve a loan, people are looking at other borrowing options, provides enterprising private lenders with the opportunity to finance at higher interest rates. Gap Investors generally provides loans from 6 months up to 3 years for home equity loans. Collateral is provided in the form of the borrower’s property, through a mortgage lien or holding the property in trust.

Gap Investments operates by:

  1. Providing full transparency for its own operations.
  2. Requiring a good loan-to-value ratio (all loans are 50% or less of appraised value, with rare specific exceptions), disclosed to lenders.
  3. Making sure investors are protected either by a mortgage lien in the case of smaller home equity loans, or a title transfer in trust in the case of larger loans.
  4. Checking that the property has been properly permitted under the laws of Costa Rica.
  5. Choosing reputable professionals and advisors such as; attorneys, accountants, title insurance companies, banks, appraisers, surveyors, and developers.

How Do We Evaluate Properties For Loans?

The Collateral: Real Estate

The risk of lending on home equity loans is quite low. Gap Investments considers loans up to 50% of the appraised value of a property. Since the loan is a debt against the property, when the term is over and the principal is due, if the borrower cannot repay, the lender can choose to force the sale of the property to cover the debt. That is where Gap Investments steps in — we will help assist the lender in foreclosure proceedings or execution of trust guaranty on the property, and the property’s sale or transfer will be forced by law. The lender may opt to purchase the property with the funds owed — at that point, the lender becomes the owner and has full decision-making capabilities and may proceed anyway they wish. This is why lenders choose Gap Investments.

The Loan Process in Costa Rica Step by Step

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